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update, update, update.......yes, i guess i should prolly… - Journey of a Piscean Mind
February 2007
Thu, Sep. 7th, 2006 08:30 pm
update, update, update.......yes, i guess i should prolly update........

first, the wonderful and cute stuff. (yes this would be the baby updae) As i wrote before, Serenity started walking 2 days before her 1st b-day. Well, its been a little over six weeks and she's developed that toddlers run (its kinda this bow-legged fast teeter). We started practicing walking in shoes about a week before daycare started and she's a pro at it now, though she3 definitily seems to prefer bare tootsies. The first 2 or 3 times she walked in her shoes she would 'STOMP' things. Kinda went like this....walk, walk, walk (sees a leaf) and STOMP (dead leaf)...walk walk walk teeter walk walk (sees a stick) and STOMP (dead stick)..etc...you get the idea. Fortunitly she stopped doing that before she got around to stomping a kitty tail. She still loves the kitty cats (or "Teh Tats" as she calls them) Puc is getting very tolerant with her. It just amazes me that he puts up with her throwing her ball at him.(throwing and chasing the ball is one of her favorate games; that and bopping things with an empty pepsi bottle.) but otherwise, she's fairly sweet and genly with both cats, as sweet and gentle as a toddler can be anyway (heh..poor wonderfully tolerant kitties)
Daycare is a little hard right now...for me that is...as soon as i'm out of sight she's fine and smiling. I go in, i hand her over, and she looks at me like i'm betraying her, like i'm never coming back, starts to shriek and cry as i quickly duck out the door. Well, i learned something important the other day. I waited five minutes then went back in and peaked around the corner...she was happily playing with two of the kids and one of the workers. Apparently the first day was the hardest but after that she slipped right back into the routine. Its just for mommy she turns on the water works. and then when i come back to pick her up, she immediatly wells up in tears again and runs towards me like i've been gone forever. (and i know she was laughing not a second before) How do they learn these things? and most of them are like that, little drama kings and queens. i know they don't really understand at that age, maybe its the mood swings that amaze me the most. Its only in small children i think, that mood swings like that are 100% honest.
but yes, my little one now plays with other kids, she has drawn scribbles with crayons(pink is her favorate crayon..go figure), she walks, she runs, she says three words (momma, teh tat, and uh uh), she has her front teeth(top and bottom), 3 molars and two vamps, and i can see more and more of her personality developing every day. (so far she is still very easy going, and people oriented, though she is going through that 'velcro baby',and 'i'm gonna be a shy baby and duck behind momma while i giggle at you' stage. all in all, she's as wonderful as ever:)
In other updates....school is great. i love my art classes.....(now everbody..try not to be surprized) I HATE THAT SPEECH CLASS. Public Speaking suck. not oly do i suck at it, but i'm the oldest person in the class...i'm older then the damn TA. bunch of kids fresh out of high school an a 24 year old teacher.....erg...
but anyways...my parentals just arrived so i'll finish this later.
smiles everybody:)

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