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Journey of a Piscean Mind
February 2007
Mon, Feb. 19th, 2007 10:56 am
hmmm...30 years today....3 decades....360 months....10950 days.....its just a blip. 30 is a very short time in the scope of human history. But damn, i still feel old today.


Fri, Jan. 19th, 2007 09:02 pm

wow...i just bought a vicks vaporizer......everyone should have one of these things...both me and the munchkin have some nasty virus that has us both hacking and weezing...and for the first time all week, we can both BREATH. She is sleeping quietly for the first time since last sunday. Seriously....if you don't have one...go get one. Its worth the 11 or so dollers. should'a bought one years ago.

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Mon, Dec. 25th, 2006 09:36 am

..............merry christmas ya'll................

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Sun, Dec. 17th, 2006 03:02 pm

hey everybody.....our tree is up, the house is decorated, presents are bought, menus are planned, over the river and threw the woods to grandma and grandpas house is in the very near future....i am officially in the holiday spirit:):)

so i need addresses!!!!!!!!!

i'm actually prepared (and excited) to do holiday cards this year so if everyone would be so kind as to indulge me :):):) it would make me so happy...i even promise to sing christmas carols with my little girl while i'm stuffing the envelopes.

so HAPPY (insert your beliefs/religous holiday here) EVERYBODY!!! and may the new year find you and your loved ones healthy, happy, and prosperous.:)

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Thu, Nov. 30th, 2006 04:08 pm
awww, but its such a cute little octapus. though now you know why i don't scuba dive......or do large bodies of salt water in general.

Felice's creature-nemesis:

The Dreaded OCTOPUS
'What creature will become your nemesis?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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Tue, Oct. 24th, 2006 01:08 pm

heh heh heh...i have power tools....heh heh heh

i just sucessfully used the table saw my dad left here to cut wood for frames. and all my fingers, toes, and body in general is is still intact.

heeheehee, i likes my power tools......

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Tue, Sep. 26th, 2006 04:40 am
old friend of mine just forwarded this to me and it was just to lovely not to share:) Enjoy.


1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's used size
14-16 work boots.

2. Place them on your front porch, along with several empty beer
cans,a copy of Guns & Ammo magazine and several NRA magazines.

3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazine.

4. Leave a note on your door that reads: "Hey Bubba, Big Jim, Duke
and Slim, I went to the gun shop for more ammo. Back in an hour.
Don't mess with the pit bulls -- they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. I don't think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood.

PS - I locked all four of 'em in the house. Better wait outside."

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Sun, Sep. 24th, 2006 07:56 pm
ITS AUTUMNNNNNNNNNNN.......................:):):):)
I just cut up my first pumpkin of the season, i've got pumpkin bread cooling on the stove, serenity's got pumpkin soup for the next few weeks(she loves the stuff, tastes like pumpkin pie without any junk in it), i tried my hand at making my own apple sauce (and it came out pretty good:) my broomsticks are in autumn colors and hanging on the doors, and the house smells of sage, cinnimon, and pumpkin. Oh, how i love this time of year.
I spent Mabon, cleaning house and basically just reflecting on the past year. I think i spent too much time over the summer in a kind of mourning (ie. the depressed funk i got into for a while there) and yesterday, i think i finally let it all go...the funeral is over, so to speak. i've made my choices and i don't believe in regrets or moving backwards.
Wonderful things came out of the last year(my daughter growing healthy and happy to name a big one) and i'm finally learning how to leave the things i don't need in my life behind, as well as learning to re-connect with people i really wish i'd stayed in touch with better. I consider this the first time i've actually observed/celebrated the turning of the wheel in well, years. It feels good. I feel as though i'm starting something i can teach my daughter, traditions, so to speak. or will be in a few generations. Maybe it will or maybe it won't take, but right now, it feels right.
I'm looking forward to the new year at Samhain, my mother is sewing a lion costume for my little leo child. Still hoping to travel out of here at least twice this season. Just gotta figure out when and where to first. i know i'm hitting RenFaire at somepoint this year. Hoping to see old friends while i'm that close to Houston.
Serenity has several new 'new things'. She discovered her first fire ant bed (she's fine, just had to tell the daycare the red bumps on her legs were ant bits, not chicken pox). she's thrown her first screaming, pound on the floor tantrum (which she stopped in about 2 minutes when i ignored it), and the tantrum resulted from me taking a sode can away from her that she got ahold of by climbing on her granddaddys chair(surprize for mommy!!!) yes, she now climbs. so part of my house cleaning has been to re-evaluate the living room and make it toddler safe again. i'm prolly living with pillows on the floor for a while., though she seems to have a good handle on how to get on and off the chairs and couch without falling. but she likes to stand up on the furtinature(which scares me because her balance is still a little wobbly) she's only been walking for what, 2 months. but little by little, she's learning, chairs are for sitting, not for standing or jumping on. she likes to look at her books in her granddaddy's chair(which is just sooooo cute).:)
I actually spent friday in Dallas away from my baby. first time since i got her out of the hospital that i've been away from her for a 12 hour period. But i think i did okay, i only bugged the grandparents about 5 different times, instead of every 30 minutes like i wanted to. I'm glad they were able to babysit. I got to go see about 5 different galleries in Dallas and spend some more time in the DMA. Better still, i got some good socialization time in with my Prof. The man loves any good excuse to talk about art and to drink at places that serve good food. He was fun to talk to. Me and six other students got to hear him talk about art and living as an artist all day. it was great:) he talked about other stuff too of course, all in all, it was great. and damn, 2 glasses of red wine and he really got going. its been a long time since i've had an evening like that.
Serenity did okay as well. only a litle fussiness, due to the slight change in her regular world, but she loves her grandparents and i figure its good for her. though i confess, i did grill my mother for like, an hour when i got home, making her tell me every little thing i missed. ( i think this'll get easier as she gets older, i know i need time to be an adult,aside from just being 'mommy', but its hard to give up this time i have with her while she's so young. Kids just grow too damn fast.)
but anyway, this is getting long, so in conclusion ITS AUTUMN!!!!! i hope everyone else is enjoying the change in season as well:):)
smiles fer now

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Thu, Sep. 14th, 2006 09:18 pm
Thought i'd finish my last update.....don't really remember what i wrote last so sorry if i repeat anything. School is going well, i'm really liking the independent study i'm taking with Gerard for Airbrush Painting. one on one help with learning to be a better artist is just awsome. i wish i'd taken an independent study last sememster. My oil painting class is kinda boring....i've never taken an oil class before (i'm self taught) so i figured it would be better for me to just follow Odem's curriculim. i am learning a few things that i didn't realize before, but man, boring apple and onion still life's. I wanted to learn new techniques, most of this class is learng how to 'look' at a still life and how to mix paint, both of which i could prolly teach myself. The next project is blowing up an 'interesting graphic' from a magazine and painting a small section.(think Goergia O'keefe). slightly less boring but not something i havn't done before. but its all good. if anything it gives me a chance to relax and earn an easy credit, while working to improve my painting style. (and its a no homework class,i can finish everything in the allotted class time:) so it gives me more time to concentrate on other things.

Oh...I NEED MODELS....i'm tired of working from really old photos and magazines. Why can't you people ever travel up to my section of Texas??...grumble, grumble, grumble...
anyone want to volunteer to take pictures of themselves or a spouse from various specified angles?????? (then email me copies of the pictures)?????? might be willing to send willing donors a portrait in oils??.....huh, huh,, huh.... any takers????

(sigh)...speech is going okay i guess....i hate it, but i'm not the worst in there...something about age and caring less what the audience thinks or something like that i think gives me slight advantage.....age, security and wisdom...uhuh..that must be it..age and wisdom....(snort) anyway, i've come to realize that no matter how bad you might be as a public speaker, as long as you look like your trying to improve and you make good grades on the tests, you'll pass with an A or a B. turns out its not rocket science...(who knew).....
all in all, school is good and i'm sore as hell from my weight lifting class (and i'm jogging again...ooo my thighs..they huuuuurt) but i know this'll go away in a few weeks so its actually a really good kinda soreness. The kind of soreness that tells me that i'm finally droping off the weight i gained when i was pregnant. hell..maybe by the end of the semester my ass won't jiggle anymore (hopefull eyes raise up towards the heavens). skinny jeans, here i come:) well in a few months anyway. i'm determind to lose weight a healthier way this time round...no smoking and no not eating. and its been 3 weeks into the routine and so far so good. i've actually dropped below the 160 lb line for the first time since pregnancy (smiles)
Oh..and quick baby update....I got to see Serenity playing in the playground at daycare(before she noticed i was there and the waterworks started), and she just just ruuuuuns all over the place. one of the workers in the toddler area said that Serenity tends to be something of the social director of the room (my kid...highly social...just wrap your mind around that for a second) just have to be aware of my own social tendencies and try to not mess up her instincts(big sigh). apparently she's usually the first one to wake up from naptime and then she'll go wake up the other kids she wants to play next to. and she makes rounds around all the kids. she's learned to avoid the biter (thank the goddess) he got her twice last week on each arm (no broken skin but she did bruise a little) when i spoke to the head of the daycare about it she said that if didn't get better soon the parents would have to find another daycare. This daycare is not staffed for a kid like that. and i know he's bitten other kids. but no bites this week so maybe he's gotton better. What i don't understand is why the mother thinks the best way to teach a 1 year old to stop biting is to bite him back (as was told to me by one of the workers). i've actually discovered the 'monkey see, monkey do' concept is far more powerful over little kids then showing them something hurts. Toddlers are just to young to get that. From what i've learned from my daughter, example is key. I think that mom just taught her kid that biting was an appropriate behavior. (grumble) ok done griping about stupid parents.....
Might have pictures to post soon. almost finished up the roll of film that has her wearing her little pixie hat:) maybe in a few days:) if they come out okay......
I do believe that is all my updates fer now........more to come...at some time or other.....

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Thu, Sep. 7th, 2006 08:30 pm
update, update, update.......yes, i guess i should prolly update........

first, the wonderful and cute stuff. (yes this would be the baby updae) As i wrote before, Serenity started walking 2 days before her 1st b-day. Well, its been a little over six weeks and she's developed that toddlers run (its kinda this bow-legged fast teeter). We started practicing walking in shoes about a week before daycare started and she's a pro at it now, though she3 definitily seems to prefer bare tootsies. The first 2 or 3 times she walked in her shoes she would 'STOMP' things. Kinda went like this....walk, walk, walk (sees a leaf) and STOMP (dead leaf)...walk walk walk teeter walk walk (sees a stick) and STOMP (dead stick)..etc...you get the idea. Fortunitly she stopped doing that before she got around to stomping a kitty tail. She still loves the kitty cats (or "Teh Tats" as she calls them) Puc is getting very tolerant with her. It just amazes me that he puts up with her throwing her ball at him.(throwing and chasing the ball is one of her favorate games; that and bopping things with an empty pepsi bottle.) but otherwise, she's fairly sweet and genly with both cats, as sweet and gentle as a toddler can be anyway (heh..poor wonderfully tolerant kitties)
Daycare is a little hard right now...for me that is...as soon as i'm out of sight she's fine and smiling. I go in, i hand her over, and she looks at me like i'm betraying her, like i'm never coming back, starts to shriek and cry as i quickly duck out the door. Well, i learned something important the other day. I waited five minutes then went back in and peaked around the corner...she was happily playing with two of the kids and one of the workers. Apparently the first day was the hardest but after that she slipped right back into the routine. Its just for mommy she turns on the water works. and then when i come back to pick her up, she immediatly wells up in tears again and runs towards me like i've been gone forever. (and i know she was laughing not a second before) How do they learn these things? and most of them are like that, little drama kings and queens. i know they don't really understand at that age, maybe its the mood swings that amaze me the most. Its only in small children i think, that mood swings like that are 100% honest.
but yes, my little one now plays with other kids, she has drawn scribbles with crayons(pink is her favorate crayon..go figure), she walks, she runs, she says three words (momma, teh tat, and uh uh), she has her front teeth(top and bottom), 3 molars and two vamps, and i can see more and more of her personality developing every day. (so far she is still very easy going, and people oriented, though she is going through that 'velcro baby',and 'i'm gonna be a shy baby and duck behind momma while i giggle at you' stage. all in all, she's as wonderful as ever:)
In other updates....school is great. i love my art classes.....(now everbody..try not to be surprized) I HATE THAT SPEECH CLASS. Public Speaking suck. not oly do i suck at it, but i'm the oldest person in the class...i'm older then the damn TA. bunch of kids fresh out of high school an a 24 year old teacher.....erg...
but anyways...my parentals just arrived so i'll finish this later.
smiles everybody:)

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